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Rebuilding Soil Fertility

If you are a student of agriculture you may have heard of Dr. Albrecht a visionary soil scientist who has been proven right for his findings that went against the prevailing chemical farming mentality of his day long ago.  One of his students has done much to promote his program and use his principles to increase productivity on soils around the world in an environmentally friendly and profitable way.  I used Neal Kinsey’s soil testing to dramatically improve the quality and quantity of food produced on my large commercial ranch.
You can learn more from him on his website at https://www.kinseyag.com/
Their mission: 
Stay tuned for more information about holistic soil management but his very good book ‘Hands on Agronomy” available at Acres USA bookstore is great for those who want to learn a lot more.  Support us so we can do more to build supporters for a holistic regenerative Agriculture that is carbon negative!!!