Let's Fight Climate Change

Author: getrealaboutclimate

Biochar and Forests

There is growing awareness of biochar but it has yet to take off in a big way.  The Get Real Alliance is a strong advocate of biochar with its carbon sequestration program funding significant biochar creation and application.  Biochar has multiple positive aspects.  In the massive carbon cycle if we are to stabilize or reduce […]

Rock Dust can save the world from many things

On Giving Tuesday I hope you will support www.remineralize.org a great charity that is doing so much to promote the use of basalt rock dust to improve growing conditions for all plants.  We live in a demineralized world where plants and animals including us are unhealthy due to a lack of essential minerals.  Both natural processes such […]

Rebuilding Soil Fertility

If you are a student of agriculture you may have heard of Dr. Albrecht a visionary soil scientist who has been proven right for his findings that went against the prevailing chemical farming mentality of his day long ago.  One of his students has done much to promote his program and use his principles to […]

When Correcting Soil Fertility Costs Too Much!

What good is a soil test if it costs too much to follow the advice given? By Neal Kinsey, Owner and Senior Consultant, Kinsey Agricultural Services More often than not this is a major complaint concerning fertilizer requirements, even from those who believe they should follow the recommended advice as closely as possible? Provided the […]