Let's Fight Climate Change

Episode 6. Grasslands

About The Episode

In this episode, we explore the distinct characteristics of grass and its potential in addressing global challenges. We delve into the growth pattern of grass, where new growth replaces old parts, enabling sunlight to reach the fresh growth. Grasslands play a crucial role in carbon sequestration as they store carbon in the soil. Effective management of grazing animals, particularly through holistic grazing practices, can restore and preserve healthy grasslands while contributing to climate change mitigation.

The episode highlights the importance of adopting efficient and sustainable practices in local beef production, ensuring long-term profitability and environmental sustainability. The focus on carbon sequestration underscores the need to reintroduce carbon into the soil, which is a vital aspect of agriculture. Furthermore, the episode emphasizes the potential economic benefits for farmers and ranchers, advocating for support towards local agriculture. Additionally, concerns are raised about the aging farming population and the necessity of addressing challenges within the food supply system.