Let's Fight Climate Change

Episode 1. The Get Real Program & Alliance

About The Episode

In this episode, the spotlight is on the “Get Real” program, which seeks to address climate change and promote environmental sustainability. Host David Munson Jr. underscores the urgent need for action, drawing upon personal experiences that have exposed him to the impacts of climate change. He emphasizes the significance of maintaining a balanced Earth ecosystem, drawing a parallel to the importance of balance within our own bodies. The episode acknowledges the limitations of previous climate proposals and advocates for a comprehensive approach to ensure a prosperous future.

David presents instances of extreme weather events in Texas, such as Hurricane Harvey and the 2021 snowstorm, to underscore the state’s susceptibility to natural disasters. He introduces the central focus of the “Get Real” program, which revolves around increasing carbon sequestration and reducing CO2 levels through nature-based solutions. David highlights the essential role of carbon in the Earth’s ecosystem and suggests that modifying the carbon cycle can yield positive outcomes.

The episode outlines the primary pillars and priorities of the “Get Real” program, which include collaboration, innovation, regenerative agriculture, biochar production, rock dust mineralization, and smart energy options. David argues that private philanthropy can be more effective than government funding and proposes significant investments to achieve the program’s goals. He estimates an annual investment of $200 billion from the United States and $1.2 trillion globally, considering it a reasonable cost compared to the consequences of ongoing fossil fuel consumption.

In conclusion, the episode underscores the potential benefits of embracing the positive solutions presented in the “Get Real” program, such as cleaner air, improved health, and abundant and nutritious food. It calls for collective action from governments, companies, and charitable organizations to address climate change on a global scale. David highlights the importance of supporting existing charities like remineralize.org and promises to delve into actionable steps in future episodes.